Pro Axia Consultants Business Consulting Group in Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Japan: Pepperi at be one solutions


Pepperi is the mobile sales suite for brands and wholesalers, increasing sales by 20% or more, cutting order processing costs by as much as 30%, and delivering a memorable buying experience for B2B customers.


Pepperi supports omni-channel B2B sales with fully customizable apps for: catalog presentation, order taking, merchandising, and B2B e-commerce.


The Pepperi SaaS platform is enterprise grade, delivering its mobile-agnostic sales apps via native iOS, Android, Windows 8, and web clients. Over 1,000 businesses in 50 countries use Pepperi to transact more than $1B every quarter.


Pepperi is a SAP Certified, cloud-based solution for SAP ECC 6.0 and SAP Business One. The cross-mobile solution boosts sales by extending SAP to field sales and B2B customers.


Pepperi’s solution seamlessly integrates with SAP to extract real-time data about products, pricing, inventory and customers, and send updates to SAP with sales orders from your sales force and B2B customers.


proaxia consulting provides open platform consulting services including development service on cutting edge technology and environment, and system design and development using .NET, JAVA, and other languages.  Working with our SAP consultants, we also  approach systems that have functions to support core system and support our customers at higher dimentions.


Sales Benefits

  • Empower your mobile sales reps to sell more and close bigger deals
  • Enable your B2B customers to order directly from your fully branded storefront
  • Improve employee and customer experience


Improved Efficiencies

  • Eliminate order processing errors
  • Reduce the cost of order taking and processing
  • Plan and monitor sales activities, performance of sales reps, products and customers using reports and dashboards


Key Capabilities

  • Cloud-based solution with e-catalog, order taking, merchandising, and B2B e-commerce
  • Native apps for web, iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Bi-directional integration to SAP ECC 6.0 and SAP Business One
  • Configured in days to your specific workflows and customizations


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